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Instructional Essays

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Instructional Essays:  What Do Keelhaulers Learn?



Engineering Technology


How to Arc Weld


How to Make a Circular Gasket


Changing Lube Oil Strainers 


How to Decide What Kind of Welding Rod You Should Use in Stick Welding

  How to Braze Copper Tubing 
  How to Thread Pipe 

How to TIG Weld 



Marine Transportation (Shoreside)


How to Operate a Forklift


Marine Transportation (General)


How to Safely Embark on a Small Craft at CSUM


A Manual for Small Craft at CSUM


How to Secure Uncontrolled Fuel or Lube Oil on a Deck


Launching a Monomoy Lifeboat


How to Paint a Davit System


How to Launch and Right a Liferaft


Marine Engineering (General)


How to Parallel a Generator

  How to Bar Over Diesel Generators #3  
  How to draft properly  

How to Draft No 1 Jaw  


Marine Transportation (Training Ship Golden Bear)


How to Disembark in Case of Emergency


How to Lower an Open Lifeboat, Using a Rolling Gravity Davit


Removing Wire Rope From the Davits


How to Navigate a Lifeboat


How to Operate the Cranes


Radioing for Medical Advice

  Number 7 and 8 Stick Boats Startup and Shutdown  

How to Lower the Anchors 

  Cleaning Crew  

Marine Engineering (Training Ship Golden Bear)


A Machinery Check for the Drive Train of the TSGB


Getting Electricity in a Cold Steam Plant


How to Cold Start a 6-71 Detroit Diesel


How to turn Over the SSDG on the TSGB

How to Secure the TSGB in Case of a Power Failure While in Port in Vallejo  

Mechanical Engineering


How to Trace a System

  Replacing Gaskets
  Using Boolean Logic in a Program Script 

Creating a Working MATLAB Script




Athletics (Sailing) 


How to Complete a Tack in a Flying Junior (FJ)


How to do a Figure-8 Manoverboard Recovery on a Sailboat

 How to train for CMA cross-country


Athletics (Rowing)

  How to Rig a Vespoli Rowing Shell
  Efficient Rowing Technique
  Proper Form when Exercising on a Rowing Machine

Merchant Marine Reserve (MMR)


Raising and Lowering of the Flags

  How to Pass an MMR Inspection 

Student Conduct Standards & Procedures (Uniform Regulations)


Ironing a Khaki Uniform


Passing a Standard Khaki Uniform Inspection

  How to Bend The Dress Code Rules  
  How to Prepare Uniforms for the Week

How to Wear a Proper Uniform




  How to perform a long run as a Wiper 

How To Conduct A Wiper Watch


Tank Soundings Aboard the TSGB


Standing an Engine Room Watch


How to Pass a Successful Gate Watch


How to Take a Sounding of a Tank on the TSGB


Deck Security Watch: How to Take Weather  


Deck Security Watch: How to do Rounds in Port 


Student Life 

  How to Avoid the Freshman 15 
  How to Efficiently Get Around the Bay from CMA 








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